Drive an impactful business strategy 

                                that creates a better world tomorrow.

Explore your growth and performance improvement opportunities.


Deliver value.


Inspire people.


Improve performance.

We provide leading global and national corporations with expertise in Strategy & Organization, Transformation & Digitalization, M&A & PMI, Project Management & PMO to achieve success in ambitious projects and business strategies.


We provide tailored coaching solutions at individual and team level to inspire employees and (top) managers to frame and translate their “why” into instant organizational impact and long-term business success.


We help organizations to improve their performance and advance their competitive position by providing first-rate training in consulting skills and purpose-driven leadership in collaboration with recognized experts.


who we are

We provide impact that matters.

Knitter & Associates is your global partner for impact-based management consulting, coaching and certification. Our focus is on providing leading national and international corporations with impact that matters via these three key services. As recognized experts in business strategy and transformation projects, we adopt a future-oriented approach, helping you master your business challenges, attain your growth potential, and make tomorrow better than today.

We operate in a hand-picked team of experienced strategy consultants with international backgrounds and a passion for achieving excellence in our clients’ operational performance.

While our main office is based in Düsseldorf, Germany, we value being present with our clients on-site worldwide – and offer face-to-face interaction – when we’re most needed and where our contribution has the greatest impact.

what we do

Deliver value. Inspire people. Improve performance.

This is our credo – in a nutshell – and the essence of the service we conduct as a management consultancy from day to day. Even before our partnership begins, we use these three key criteria to quantify our potential impact on your project and organization. 

Throughout our mandate, we commit ourselves fully to creating and capturing value, inspiring individuals to maximize their potential in their roles as leaders or in teams and improving performance so that “excellence” becomes the default within your organization. Together, we help you explore and pursue previously unimagined growth and performance opportunities.

why we do it

Creating a better business world.

„We are on a mission to provide impact that matters to help people live in a better business world and to support organizations creating a better tomorrow than today.“   – K&A mission statement

At a time of major disruptive forces and challenges, our foremost goal is to create a better business world. With globalization, digitalization, industry 4.0 and a global pandemic challenging economies and market conditions, businesses are required to adapt and act quickly in order to flourish. We deliver the business solutions today that will form a solid foundation for sustainable success tomorrow. 

We also believe in achieving more with less, working “smart” instead of hard, prioritizing quality over quantity, in short: using resources optimally to create and capture value that achieves undeniable impact. Our commitment as pioneers for a better tomorrow is to leave organizations in a stronger position with enduring results.


Successfully completed strategy, organization, transformation and M&A projects for leading clients worldwide.

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“We deliver impact today, to create a better business world tomorrow.”

Dr. Christoph Knitter, Managing Director

Dr. Christoph Knitter, Managing Director at Knitter & Associates GmbH, has been accepted into the Forbes Business Council, an invitation-only community for successful business owners and high-level professional leaders. Forbes Councils is a collective of communities created in partnership with Forbes and the expert community builders who founded Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC). 


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