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At K&A, our core consulting competencies can be grouped into five primary categories – Strategy & Organization, Transformation & Digitalization, M&A & PMI, Project Management & PMO, and K&A Target Model – our services being specially conceptualized to deliver value to medium and large (multi)national corporations.

How we deliver value

Our success in achieving impact that matters can be accredited to:

Strategy & Organization

· Corporate Strategy

· Business Model Analysis

· Portfolio and Business Unit Strategy

· Restructuring & Process Management

Changes in trajectory, and therefore in corporate strategy, are one of the greatest yet most common challenges for business leaders today. The necessity to adapt, reconstruct, revolutionize or evolve is becoming increasingly frequent, reflecting volatile market conditions, socio-economic changes, technological advancements, disruptors, new laws, industry standards and policies, and in turn, rapidly shifting competitive advantages. 

Whatever the catalyzer may be, K&A partners with you to provide strategic insights into tomorrow’s trends and developments, review the resilience of your overarching vision, and future-proof your organizational strategy accordingly.

Transformation & Digitalization

· Culture Change

· Change Management

· Business Transformation

· Digital Transformation

Businesses must adapt and innovate quickly in the VUCA world we operate in. Agility and adaptability are key to meeting timelines and future challenges. To achieve this, businesses need stable ecosystems and empowered teams. Business transformation is necessary for fundamental adaptations in operations. 

Yet business transformation programs are renowned for their many potential pitfalls and resulting high failure rates. As experts in Business Transformation and Change Management, K&A partners with you to reach your most complex transformation objectives, preemptive or reactive, and achieve long-term organizational value.

Project Management & PMO

· Agile Project Management

· Classic Project Management

· Project Management Office

· Stakeholder Management

Project Management provides project teams with leadership, direction, a common goal and structure so that the planned outcome and quality can be achieved within the restraints of the project scope. Effective project management and leadership significantly reduce project failure rates. 

K&A combines project management tools and communication excellence to lead complex, high-scale projects to success. We support each phase of the project lifecycle from initiation to closure, with active resource, risk, and stakeholder management, and monitoring and control measures.


· Due diligence

· Carve-out

· Integration

· Operational PMI

M&A and PMI are defining events for an organization’s overall success, triggering profound internal change – structural, procedural, and cultural – and shape external image and reputation. A tailored approach and methodology are key to maximizing value and creating long-term value.

Due to their high complexity, 70-90% of M&A transactions and PMIs fail i.e., the investing organization undershoots the profit potential defined in its investment thesis. Knitter & Associates advises and guides you in each phase of the M&A lifecycle and PMI process, from building a winning strategy to anchoring change in the post-transformation environment.

K&A Target Model

· Purpose

· Vision

· Mission

· Strategy

· Culture

Purpose, vision, mission, culture, and strategy are crucial elements of corporate strategy. When well-defined and integrated into a target model, they guide decision-making and help an organization reach its full potential.

We help you answer the five core questions “Why do we exist?” (purpose), “Where do we go?” (vision), “What do we do?” (mission), “Which road do we take?” (strategy) and “How do we behave?” (culture) and advise you on the right change and communication measures to ensure a shared understanding of each concept. Future-proof your organization with a sound Target Model and benefit from true impact and sustainable success.

K&A provide you with consulting services in your most ambitious strategic projects.

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