Living K&A. 

At K&A, our six core values create the foundation for trusting relationships, operational excellence and long-term impact.


We make our clients’ problem our problem.


We always do the right thing for the right reason.


We deliver – whatever it takes, the best we can.


We love what we do and we support each other.


We provide impact and continuous improvement.


We create a better world for a better tomorrow.

How our values shape our service provision.

  • Ownership:
    We take full ownership for the work we do by identifying ourselves with your specific needs and unique business problem. Put simply, we make your challenge ours. We invest ourselves fully and submerge ourselves rapidly in your project to develop individual solutions that serve your Big Picture – purpose, vision, mission, and overarching strategy – and align with your company culture.

  • Discipline:
    We are disciplined and persevere until we can provide you with the highest quality of output and most impactful results – from the moment we receive your mandate right up until the project closure. We believe a job well done is a job that will only ever need to be done once. While we are practical, we are aware that good things can take time.

  • Commitment:
    We commit ourselves to providing impact that matters via strategic and operational excellence. We make it our duty to go the extra mile to ensure continuous, future-proof improvements in your organization. How? By pairing our extensive consulting expertise and industry knowledge with the latest research and expert insights.

  • Integrity:
    At K&A, integrity, like our five additional core values, is a matter of course. We are proud to live with and be guided by integrity in everything we do, at an individual, organizational and societal level. Our internal integrity “compass” points us in the right direction, so we do the right thing for the right reason, without exception.

  • Passion:
    We love what we do and care about who we collaborate with. The “people” factor is of central importance to us. Be it in our internal team, or with you, as our client, and your diverse stakeholders: we collaborate in a compassionate, respectful way, and have fun in the process of delivering exceptional results.

  • Responsibility:
    We don’t take responsibility lightly – neither the responsibility you entrust us with, nor the responsibility we have towards each other, as world citizens, protecting our planet and laying the foundations today for a better (business) world tomorrow.

At K&A, we are proud to live by our six core values. 

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