welcome to your K&A career. 

Knitter & Associates advises leading (inter)national corporations in various industries on strategy, organization, transformation and performance improvement, and is looking for team members in project management, project implementation and administration.

Send us your cover letter, CV and academic certificates.

Let us get to know each other on a personal level.

Give us an insight into your values, beliefs and skillset.

Showcase your problem-solving and creative skills.

Time to celebrate – welcome to the team!

Your application.

Demonstrate your potential to deliver impact that matters. We are eager to learn more about your achievements, qualities and ambitions. Send your cover letter and CV, along with your academic certificates to Andrea Blake-Böhm at Please note that your application should be made in German.

There is no specific deadline for application submissions, in fact we welcome unsolicited applications. Shortly after reviewing your application, we will contact you via mail to inform you of our decision regarding the remainder of the interview process.

Kick-off interview.

We believe you have potential, and you have our attention: Let’s touch base on a personal level during a 1.0-hour kick-off interview. We are eager to get a personal picture of you, to understand what makes you tick and look forward to introducing ourselves and our “Way-We-Work”. This includes aligning on our mutual expectations – also on role and salary. You will have ample opportunity to address any questions you may have and to discover whether we’re the right fit for you during a Q&A session towards the end of the interview.

This interview will be held either in-person or via MS Teams video call and will be conducted in both English and German.

Should both parties decide to continue the interview process, we will send you our Value Sheet to complete before the following skill interview.

Skill interview.

Personal fit with matching values is key to our potential and success as a team. Once we have confirmed the “chemistry”, it’s about your grit and professional skills from here on out. Give us an insight into the values and beliefs you stand for and the capabilities you excel with.

The skill interview takes place across 1.5-2.0 hours and will be held in-person or via MS Teams video call. In this interview, you will get to know and exchange with multiple team members.

The interview will be held in English and German. You will be given a brainteaser and a brief case study – the interview being designed to help us grasp your human, technical and creative skills. 

Shortly after the interview, we will provide you with feedback and share our decision regarding the remainder of the interview process. In case of success, we will invite you to our next interview round, the problem-solving interview, held in-person. Beforehand, you’ll be given a project-based case study to prepare in English.

Problem-solving interview.

At this stage, you’ve really opened our eyes, and we share a common goal: to get you across the finish line and welcome you to the team.  In a final effort in our interview process, you will have the opportunity to showcase your problem-solving skills and expertise via a case study that you will have prepared prior to our meeting.

The problem-solving interview will be held in-person or via MS Teams, and last about 2.0 hours.

During the interview, you will present the case study, helping us to assess your business acumen, communication skills, logic, and any technical or specialized competencies relevant to the role. We will provide you with feedback and ample opportunity for discussion and Q&As.

Our offer – your contract.

The signs are right, and the interest is mutual. On successful completion of the interview process, we will align with you on final details e.g., starting date, before drafting up and sending you an official offer to join K&A. We look forward to the upcoming journey with you and delivering impact that matters together as a team!

Join our team at Knitter & Associates for an active role in advising leading international corporations on strategy, organization, transformation, and performance improvement.

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