Improve Performance. 

Via our Performance Academy, we collaborate with seasoned experts to provide you, your team, or organization with training and certification in consulting skills and purpose-driven leadership. Our courses are based on key skills, methodology and tools used in top management consultancies and highly efficient cross-industry organizations and are adapted to all experience and corporate career levels.

How we improve performance.

We focus on enhancing the consulting and leadership skillsets that promise productivity, motivation and tangible results at individual and team level – the key lying in:

  • Our Trainers:
    Our professional trainers boast exceptional personal and professional backgrounds, are experts in their fields, and have extensive experience in and with leading organizations. Hand-selected to meet our standards and exceed your expectations, our trainers are passionate about what they do and dedicated to your success
  • Our Courses:
    We provide standard and customized performance improvement packages that cater to your specific needs, goals, and the target audience’s skill level. Our trainers deliver both stand-alone training sessions and comprehensive modules,
    with courses that build on and complement each other.

  • Our Concept:
    We train and certify you in business skills that sustainably drive individual and team performance excellence, creating significant value for your organization. Using everyday business examples, complex frameworks and strategies are made tangible for easy and immediate implementation in your day-to-day business operations. 

Our training sessions are designed to provide the highest impact possible. They are adaptable, interactive and collaborative, using business examples to convey concepts rapidly and maximize the learning experience. To further amplify the learning effect, we highly recommend in-person training. How can you be sure of the effectiveness of our courses? We measure and evaluate our impact – your performance improvement – incrementally, using assessment questionnaires.

Purpose-driven leadership.

Purpose – the shared “why” – is the motivator and the common meaningful goal, leading to greater success and sustainability, that a team and a company strive for. "Purpose-driven" means that leaders make decisions and drive innovation based on their values and goals aligned with organization's goals and values. Their purpose serves as the North Star by which they are always guided.

A purpose-driven leader is clear about their personal and professional values and communicates them effectively to their team, encouraging and supporting their team members to align their own goals with the organization's purpose. They lead by example, embodying the values and purpose of the organization through their actions and decisions, and hold themselves and others accountable for upholding them.

Purpose-driven leadership can be beneficial for both the organization and its employees, by fostering a culture of engagement, commitment, and accountability, and creating a sense of shared purpose among employees. 

From purpose-driven leadership to impact.

According to our K&A approach, our goal is that you make a difference in the world with your purpose. We help you ignite that purpose and gain the necessary competencies for purpose-driven leadership to succeed in the volatile and complex business world.
Our program consists of three modules: Module PDL1 – developing the mindset of a purpose-driven leader, Module PDL2 – building the skills and in Module PDL3 – transferring these skills into the organization. 

Our Courses.

Consulting Skills (CS)

Purpose-driven leadership (PDL)

K&A provides training at individual, team and organizational level to improve performance and generate lasting results.

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